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As the job title implies, security serves as security analyst’s primary goal. These analysts aim to identify weaknesses in networks security systems, patch or respond to issues, and prevent future breaches from occurring. The security analyst plays a vital role in keeping an organization’s proprietary and sensitive information secure. As evidenced by recent data breaches in major companies, security analysts play crucial roles within these structures. They empower businesses and organizations to better protect customer and user data, in turn maintaining the integrity and reputation of those organizations. Security analysts work in all sectors, including computer and software engineering, management, and finance. Here are some important areas of expertise that today’s security analysts should possess Ethical Hacking, Intrusion Prevention, Incident Response, Computer Forensics, Reverse Engineering.


In addition, security analysts are expected to have expertise in cyber security, firewalls, network security, information assurance, Linux, UNIX, security information and event management (SIEM), application security, security engineering, and security architecture. They must also keep up with the latest trends in cyber security. If you are a Security Analyst and seeking a prestigious company to join then, you must keep your eyes on the Security Analyst jobs in Texas, USA, Canada at You will achieve good career growth if you upload your CV and selected for an opening to the expertise.

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